Aleksandr Zubarev

Senior Software Engineer – Drimsim

Experienced PHP Developer

Senior Software Engineer at Drimsim, Barcelona, Spain

Sep 2018 — Present

Drimsim - universal SIM card for traveling around the world. Remote work.

- Development of the server-side for a mobile application
- Integration with about 20 partners (Stripe, Tinkoff, AWS, MailChimp, VoxImplant, Firebase, etc.)
- Development and support admin panel for technical support

- I discouraged the team from rewriting the backend from scratch (a huge number of development hours were saved)
- Built the process of automated testing (the number of satisfied users has been increased)
- Refactored all old and complex sections of code (the speed of release of new features in 2x was increased)

PHP • Yii • Symfony • MySQL • Linux • Docker • OOP • Git • Amazon AWS 

Senior Software Engineer at KupiKupon Global, Moscow, Russia

Oct 2016 — Sep 2018 (2 years)

KupiKupon Global - one of the largest coupon sites in Russia. Remote work.

- Development and support of a self-developed service for sending emails (7 million messages a day)
- Website development and support: kupibonus, kingcoupon, zecity

- I became the main developer of a sophisticated email service
- A great relationship with the team and senior management
- Perfectly integrated into remote development

PHP • Laravel • Zend Framework • Python • PostgreSQL • MySQL • Redis • Vagrant • Git • React 

ALMA, Bryansk, Russia

Nov 2012 — Oct 2016 (4 years)

ALMA - is an outsourcing company

Jul 2015 — Oct 2016: Team leader of 5 programmers

- Website development and support (Backend and Frontend)
- Team training and mentoring
- Writing documentation

- I built the development process
- I have implemented the practice of writing TDD
- Good code writing culture


Nov 2012 — Jul 2015: Web developer

- Website development and support
- Modification and creation of modules for self-developed ALMA.CMS
- Parsing sites
- CRM Development

- I became one of the strongest developers in the team
- I motivated the team to use git, which reduced the number of conflicts
- I motivated the team to use the BEM methodology, which allowed us to create a single database of components and accelerated development
- I created a knowledge base that allowed me to reuse knowledge and code in different projects

PHP • Python • Laravel • JQuery • Gulp • MySQL • Wordpress • Git • Development management

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★★★★★ PHP
★★★★★ Git
★★★★☆ SQL
★★★★☆ Laravel
★★★★☆ Yii
★★★☆☆ Python
★★★☆☆ JavaScript
★★★☆☆ Symfony
★★★☆☆ Zend Framework
★★★☆☆ Docker
★★☆☆☆ React

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